Church and School in Kayonza – update with pictures

Our church supports the ministry of Africa New Life, and many in our church also sponsor children there in Rwanda. Most of these sponsored children are in the community of Kayonza.

New Life Bible Church in Kayonza is in the process of getting a new church building through Builders Without Borders. Below you can see images of the building and the construction inside. This has been a huge answer to prayer for a congregation that was outgrowing its old building!

Kayonza church building 1Kayonza church building inside

Also, New Life Christian Academy is building 2 new dormitories. Here is a picture of the inside of the dormitory for students.

New dormitories at New Life Christian Academy Kayonza

Keep in prayer for the ministry in Kayonza in the lives of these needy children. Pray that they will receive the Gospel and grow in their walk with Christ!



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