We seek to follow Jesus Christ as our Senior Pastor (Colossians 1:18)

Kyle Busenitz serve as pastor of Harbor Baptist Church. He and his wife Jeri have 4 children: Kyler, Gracie, Jeremiah, and Hope. Kyle grew up in a Christian home and faithfully attended a solidly Biblical church in a Christian community in Kansas, and went to a Christian school, but that is not why he is a Christian. He prayed to receive the gift of salvation and forgiveness of sin when he was 6. Although he is grateful for the tremendous legacy of godliness over generations that was handed to him, Kyle gives the glory to God for saving him. God used a dedication service at a summer camp when he was about 12 to set the foundation for spiritual growth. During high school, Kyle began to recognize God’s call on his life into vocational ministry, and the Lord provided several opportunities even then to serve youth, including teaching Sunday School, working with inner city junior highers at a kids’ club, and counseling at camps. While attending Calvary Bible College in Kansas City, Kyle served as youth pastor for almost 3 years at Mission Road Bible Church in Prairie Village, KS. Then the Lord called Kyle out to Oregon, to serve as youth pastor at Langlois Community Church in Langlois, OR, for 6 years. It was during these years that God brought Kyle and Jeri together – a huge answer to their prayers! Kyle praises the Lord for the opportunity to do ministry side-by-side with Jeri. In 2013, the Lord led them to Harbor Baptist Church in Winchester Bay, OR, where Kyle is pastor. To God be the glory!

Deacons: Ray Dunlap, Dave Peck


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